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VSys Anywhere Reports Queue

When a VSys Anywhere user submits a request for a report, that request is put into a queue. From here the reports should be processed by a scheduled task. To see the status of reports that have been queued, use the VSys Anywhere self-run reports queue tool link on the VSys Live panel.

Set your date/time filters and Statuses, then click on Get reports to see a list of all reports in the queue that meet your criteria.

Clicking on Process reports queue will - right here - cause VSys to process (run) all queued reports with a status of "Submitted".

On the right-click menu

Right-click on a report to work with it or the volunteer associated with it.

Change status

Updates the status of the report to Submitted or Cancelled.

Run this report

Runs this single report.

View results

Only available if the report has finished, lets you open and view the report's results.

View processing log

Shows the detailed logs on how, when, where VSys processed and ran this report,

View generated letters

Only for mail merges, shows the letters generated by that merge. This can be used to release the letters for delivery or delete them.

Get recovery URL

Copies the URL of the equivalent of the "My reports" link to the clipboard. That URL can be used by any logged-in VSys Anywhere user to re-run the report; any re-running is subject to the that user's security permissions.


Deletes the report.

Generated letters

Before performing any action on a report here, VSys checks to ensure that the report hasn't been changed or deleted by another user or by a scheduled task. If the report has been changed, VSys will not let you work with it until you click Get reports again to re-load it.

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