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Scheduled VSys Anywhere Report Processing

Runs any pending VSys Anywhere reports.

Maximum to run

Maximum number of reports to attempt in a single run of this scheduled task.

Maximum letters in any one merge

A mail merge will fail and return an error to the user if more than this number of letters are generated in a single merge; use this to prevent users from accidentally e-mailing the entire database. Note that if the merge fails due to this setting, no letters at all are generated: VSys will never generate just some of the qualifying letters.

Terminate report if it takes more than

Use this to have VSys stop processing a report if it takes too long. Note that even with a setting of, for example, "30 minutes", VSys won't stop at exactly the 30 minute mark, but at the next time it internally checks for the time used so far.

Ignore reports submitted more than

Any report submitted in VSys Anywhere more than this number of days in the past will be ignored; set this to 0 to have no limit on the report's age.

Don't deliver exported files in .zip format

Normally an export processed for VSys Anywhere is delivered to the requestor within a WinZip file; check this to send the file without compressing it first.

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