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Scheduled Import File

The Interactive File Importer can be used as a task, but with a restriction: it can't be interactive, meaning that it can't use the "Person lookup" module, so all import records must either be creating new objects or working with existing people/objects by including their 16-digit ID codes.

To use IFI this way, you must first establish the settings (fields, mappings, module options, etc.) within the regular Interactive File Importer. Then either:

Checking Allow wildcard filenames allows you to put in a Data file that includes wildcard characters (* and ?), effectively having VSys import zero or more files whose names can vary if they meet the wildcard name. In the above example, all files in the folder C:\ which begin with "batch wild" and have the extension ".xls" will be imported.

If you check Move source file after successful import, if VSys is able to open the file for importing, when it's done VSys will try to move that file into another directory. Combined with Allow wildcard filenames, this can be used to have VSys "sweep" a folder full of importable files then move them elsewhere when it's done. This can be especially useful when automating the import of updates from some other system into VSys.

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