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Scheduled Letters Purge

If you generate a large volume of letters, and a short time after they're sent you don't care to track them anymore, the letters purge tool can be used to remove letters you don't need anymore. That purging can be automated as part of a scheduled task, too.

Special fields

Only those letters past their retention date

When doing a mail merge, each letter has an internal expiration date based on the Keep this letter how many days in the letter's template. If this box is checked, only those letters whose retention date is in the past will be deleted.

Maximum records

Only this many letters will be purged in a single pass.

Test mode

To evaluate your criteria without immediately deleting letters, check this box and run the scheduled task. VSys will use the rules to determine the letters to be deleted, then tell you how many it would delete but not actually make any changes to your data.

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