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Scheduled Purge Old Trace Records

Performs the same tasks as the Purge Trace Records tool, but with some extra magic.


Which trace actions to remove (you can use the Trace Analyzer tool to get counts of records by date.)

Earliest date, Latest date

Only trace records during this time frame will be deleted.


If this is not zero, after each batch of records that VSys deletes, it will "sleep" for this fraction of the time it took to delete them. For example if the last batch of records deleted took 3 minutes, a Throttle of 50 would tell VSys to sleep for 1.5 minutes before starting the next batch. This setting is primarily used to avoid overloading the database server: deleting millions of trace records is hard on that server.

Max count

Limits the number of records that can be purged by this task.

Max run time

If this task takes more than the time you set here, VSys will stop. Note that VSys only checks its timer between batches, so if you set this to 02:00 (2 hours), VSys may run past that time, but won't start any new batches once it's hit the 2 hour mark.

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