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VSys Live Activation Letters

When you start using VSys Live, many of your new volunteers will set up accounts when they apply to you. But you will have other volunteers who will come to you through other channels or were with you before you started using VSys Live. These volunteers will need to be informed about their login information and how to access their account.

Using this tool, when you Select recipients Using specific criteria, VSys always adds special criteria to the selection. The volunteer must:

Steps in this task

  1. Open the tool from the VSys Live panel, under Tools, by clicking on the VSys Live activation letters link.
    .Linked Graphic
  2. Choose the Letter template you want to send, or click on the Edit templates link to define a letter template. There is one built-in letter for this purpose called VSys Live account activation, but you'll need to customize it to your specific needs. (If this letter template does not show, go to the Letters, mailing labels, e-mail panel and choose Letter templates. From the Load built-in templates link add the VSys Live account activation template.)
  3. Select either Using specific criteria to designate the recipients using rules, or By adding them individually or from lists to do this manually.
  4. If you choose Using specific criteria, use the filters below to select your recipients.
  5. There is an additional filter in place for Letter sent. This filter allows you to exclude the people who have already received a letter like this.
  6. Click the Merge button and VSys will generate the letters.

Sample VSys Live Account Activation Letter Template
Linked Graphic


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