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Recently Cancelled Trainings

You may need a quick way to see what trainings have been cancelled, especially if you allow you volunteers to cancel their own trainings.

Steps in this task

  1. From the VSys Live panel under Tools, select Recently cancelled trainings.
  2. Enter filters by Subjects, Groups, People types, etc.
  3. Click on Get records. VSys brings up the matching trainings.
  4. Make any changes to these records. If appropriate, click Save to commit those changes.

On the right-click menu

Right-click on a training to work with it or the student associated with it.


Edits this training's properties (Status, Expiration date, etc.)


Opens up the training but in read-only mode.


Deletes (or un-deletes) the training.


View, Edit, Send a letter for or add/remove the volunteer to/from lists.


All, None, Reverse: Use these to select multiple records at once.

Selected trainings

Change status: Update the status of all selected records at once.

Delete/Un-delete: Delete or un-delete all selected records at once.

Changes that you make here do not take effect until you've clicked the Save button.

If you delete a training, rather than cancel it, that training will not show up here or anywhere else for that matter. Once it's deleted and saved, it's gone for good.

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