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Applications Approval Manager

Depending on how you configure the application form, applications entered via VSys Live may come through as Approved or Pending approval. Use the Applications Approval Manager to work with these applications and the people who submitted them. Open this tool from the VSys Live panel using the Applications approval manager link.
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  1. Use the Application types, Application handlers, Application statuses, Application form approval statuses, Requested departments, Requested sites, Entered between and VSys Live sites values to choose which applications to show. (Requested departments and Requested sites will only appear as filters if you've defined one or more values for these fields.)
  2. Click the Get applications button to retrieve all relevant applications. Note only applications which are designated for use with VSys Live are available here.
  3. Right-click on applications to change their statuses or work with the people who submitted them.
  4. Click the Save button to commit any changes to the applications.

On the right-click menu


Print this application.


Associates comments with this application, not the person. Useful for making notes to coordinate with other users who are also processing applications.

Change status

Quickly change the status of just this application.

Change approval status

Changes the approval status (as distinct from the application's status).

Change application handler

Sets the application handler for this application; only available if one or more application handlers have been defined.

Change requested site, Change requested department

Manually changes these fields in the application.


View the changes to the application's properties.

Send applicant a letter

Merges the applicant with the selected letter template.

Edit applicant

Edits the applicant in the Profile editor.


See any attachments uploaded with this application. Note that while these attachments were also added to the applicant's profile, changing the status of an attachment here does not necessarily change the status of the same attachment on the profile.

Combine (dedup) with another person

Merges this person with someone else who's already in VSys One.


Add/remove this person to/from lists.

Special/Try to update application to handle unlinked fields

Only appears if the submitted application has one or more fields on it which are not present in the application's current layout. Clicking this link causes VSys to try to create a new application layout which includes the now-missing fields. If VSys is successful, it saves the layout to an XML file that you can then import into the application designer.

Show columns

Lets you show additional properties of the current person, such as background check requests, personal info, etc. (To have VSys remember these settings next time you open this tool, use a bookmark.)


Select All, None, or Reverse the checkbox selections of visible applications.

Selected applications

Send a letter, change the status, or add/remove the people for the selected applications to/from lists. Note that if you change the approval status for multiple applications at once, VSys will only apply those changes where the new approval status is valid for the application and its current status.

Your security rights may limit the applications which are shown here.

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