VSys One: Volunteer Management Software

Project Rights

Users without global "Access to all" for projects can be given rights to individual projects and tasks in those projects. Select a project from the list. This brings up the user's rights to that specific project.
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As Superuser for a project, the user has full rights to the project. A Standard user has only those rights set below.


Project setup, design applications in project, location manager, setup jobs, job groups and slots, add/delete delegations.

General data entry

Credit volunteer hours, bad e-mail handler.


Create: add a person to the project. Cannot create a new person from scratch without global people create rights.
Edit: open a person already in the project and modify her data.
View: open a person already in the project to view her data.
Delete: remove someone from the project.

Rights to people are the sum of the user's rights via People, People by role and People by delegation, with rights determined dynamically based on the role and delegation of the person in question.

Setup jobs, Setup jobs by job group

Access to job definitions and setting up job slots. A user's rights here are the sum of her rights to setup jobs in general and the job group in question.

Assign people to jobs, Assign people to jobs by job group

Assign people to job slots, make slot or non-slot job assignments or edit existing assignments. A user's rights here are the sum of the rights to jobs in general and jobs for the job group of the assignment in question.


All types of reports in this project.


Print name tags/credentials in this project.

Letters/mail merge/mailing labels

Use any of the mail merge tools, including mailing labels.

Manage lists

Create, edit and delete lists in this project.

Import data

Use the Interactive File Importer in this project.

Export data

Advanced exporter in this project.

Extend recurring assignments tool

Access to this tool.

Bulk value updater

Access to this tool.

Users who are defined as "Owners" of a project in the project's setup automatically have full rights to that project, regardless of any rights (or lack of rights) set here.

Application forms do not obey any security rights assigned here or globally. Users are, of course, restricted to the fields defined within each application form they have entry rights to, unless they are given rights to create new application forms or modify existing ones.