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Working With Delegations

Delegations are the project equivalent to groups. All people registered in a project are in delegations, and delegations organize people together. When you created your project, you made one or more delegations based on your groups.

If you have no need to break your people up into delegations, you can create and use a single delegation and name it something like "General", but you must have at least one delegation.

Getting started

See the list of delegations in your project by opening the Delegations panel from within the project.

On the right-click menu

Add new delegation

Creates a new delegation in this project.

View this delegation

Opens this delegation in read-only mode.

Edit this delegation

Opens the delegation to edit its people.


Opens the delegation's properties (Name, Language, etc.)

Delete this delegation

Deletes this delegation and removes all people within it from the project.

Comments and images

Adds and edits images and comments for the delegation itself.

Within the delegation

The delegation editor looks almost identical to the list of all people in a project, and it works just the same. Add, remove and edit people here just as you do in Working With People in a Project.

In This Section

Delegation Properties

Create a New Delegation

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