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Working With People in a Project

Roles, Types, Delegations and Groups

People within a project are the same people as they are outside of a project, but with a little bit more. When someone is registered in a project they get two additional properties: Role and Delegation. Oftentimes these are the same values as their Type and Group globally, but they don't have to be. To be in a project every person must have a role, and he must have a delegation.

Someone in more than one project - not an uncommon occurrence - can have different roles in different projects and different delegations in different projects. Changing someone's role in one project won't change their type globally or their roles in other projects; the same holds for delegation.

Getting started

This section covers working with people who are already registered in a project. See lists of people in a project by first opening a project and then clicking on the Data entry panel and See all people in (project name), or by clicking on a delegation's name from the Delegations panel.

People screen with a listing of people in a project

Under Filter by role, each role shows next to it the number of people in the project who have that role. If any scratched people have that role the count shows in parenthesis and scratched people don't show in the first count.

On the left navigation bar

Filter by role

Restricts the people who show here to those in a specific role. In this example there are 190 total and they all have the role of volunteer.

Filter by list

Only shows on-screen the people who are also on a list that you select.


Shows the Registration Wizard to add new people to the project with the role you specify. This will be limited to the roles you set up for a project.

Show/hide checkboxes

Shows or hides a checkbox next to every person on the list. Use these checkboxes to select multiple people at once for some operations.

Refresh list of people

Since multiple users can be working in a project at the same time, and others may be making changes. Click this link to reload the list of people from the database to see the most current list.

Add placeholder people

Adds Placeholder People in bulk.

Remember that you can search for things on this screen by using the filter icon Table search icon (funnel).

On the right-click menu

Right-click on a person to work with that individual or all selected people.



Adds a new person to the project using the Registration Wizard.



Opens this person in read-only mode.



Edits this person in the Profile editor.



Deletes this person and her assignments and job preferences from the project. Note this does not delete the person from VSys.

View calendar


Shows the person's schedule in a read-only monthly calendar view.

See tracked changes


Shows all changes made to this person. This is only visible if tracing is enabled in System preferences and feature enabling.

This person

Send a letter

Uses the mail merge engine to merge this person's information with the letter you select.



Scratches/un-scratches this person.


Change to an alternate/not alternate

Marks this person as an alternate or not an alternate.


Change delegation and/or role

Lets you move this person to another delegation, role, or both.


Copy name and address to the clipboard

Copies the name and address of this person to the clipboard. This is handy for pasting into other documents.

Comments and images


Pictures and comments for the selected person.

Selected people

Change delegation and/or role

Moves the selected people to another delegation, changes their roles, or both.


Send a letter

Uses the mail merge engine to merge the selected (checked) people with the letter template you select.


Print mailing labels

Prints basic mailing labels for the selected people.



Scratches or un-scratches all selected people.


Set as alternate/not alternate

Marks all selected people as alternates or not alternates.



Deletes all selected people from the project along with their assignments and job preferences. Note this does not delete the people themselves from VSys.


Add people to list

Adds the selected people to a list.


Remove people from list

Removes the selected people from a list.



Checks all checkboxes, none, or reverses the checkboxes for all people on the screen.

Add to/Remove from list


Adds or removes this individual person to/from a list.

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