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Adding Placeholder People

Placeholder people are temporary people who can be registered as a group whose members aren't known yet. For example, a company may offer to send multiple volunteers to you for a project but doesn't yet know their names - register placeholder people until you know the identities of who's actually coming. Placeholder people will show up in summary and detail reports but can be suppressed from mailings or other reports.

Adding placeholder people to a project

You'll add placeholder people in bulk. From either the list of all people in a project or from within a delegation, click on the Add placeholder people link.


The delegation that the placeholder people will be added to.

Role for new people

Role for the new entrants; almost always Volunteer.

Number of (gender) to create

For each gender here, creates that many people of that gender. The newly-created placeholder people are named according to the rules for Placeholder People in the Setup section.

When you click on the Create button, VSys will create these people and register them in the project with no assignments, job preferences, or availability.

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