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Project-specific Profile Editor Properties

When a person is opened from within a project, the Project information panel appears in the Profile editor. The Profile editor itself is described elsewhere. Open a person by clicking on his name from within a delegation or from the list of all of the people in a project.

Project information panel in the Profile Editor

Field name



A person who is scratched is known to have not shown up on-site, or is known not to be coming. This is the opposite of checked in.


A person is an alternate in a project when you've registered him as an "extra" to be used in case other registered people don't show.

Bib #

This option is more commonly used in GMS than in VSys.

Project job preferences

These job preferences are distinct from the person's global job preferences, if any. Enter here what the person wants to do in this project, with their most preferred at the top.

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