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Project Archive Tool

For organizations that may run many hundreds of different projects, and where the details of those projects aren't necessarily relevant after a few months/years, the Project archive tool offers a mechanism to re-organize those projects. It works by combining multiple projects together into a single, combined project. All of the individual assignments and hours are kept together, and all people registered in the individual projects are registered into the merged project.

  1. Select a destination for the projects by either checking Create a new project and entering the project's name, or un-checking that and choosing a pre-existing project.
  2. Check the projects to be archived.
  3. Click Run to merge the projects together. When it's done, VSys will show a report of what it did.

In this example, seven projects will all be combined into a single project called "2013 Newly Dead", and the original projects then deleted.


If you open the new project that was created, "2013 Newly Dead", and look at the jobs within it, you'll see that VSys took all of the jobs from the individual projects and then put them into job groups named after the original project.

Locations are merged together where possible: those that have the same name are all combined into a single location, since as in the example above, they all took place at the same physical location. Delegations are handled the same way, as are other project-specific properties.

Below you can see how the assignments one volunteer had in multiple projects remain as unique assignments but all combined within a single project:

"Archive" may be a confusing term here: nothing is taken out of VSys and filed away separately, instead VSys loses some of the fine details while focusing on keeping the big picture and all hours and assignments intact.

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