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Delegation Properties

Edit the delegation's attributes - name, languages, address, etc. - here.

Delegation properties screen

Field name



Delegation's full name.

Abbreviated name

This name is normally used on scoreboards in GMS but can also be displayed in many custom reports.

Primary language

The primary language spoken by the people in this delegation.

Other languages spoken

Any other languages commonly spoken by people in this delegation.

Group kind

The type of delegation this represents.

Parent delegation

Use this to indicate that a delegation is part of a larger delegation.

Group to get credit for hours

When volunteers are given credit for their hours, their primary group normally also gets credit for them. If this group is a subsidiary of some other group, or you want another group to get credit for the people in this group, select it here. Note this only applies to newly-credited hours, not ones done in the past.

Delegation to get credit for hours

When volunteers are credited with hours, normally their delegation also gets credit. To have that credit given to a different delegation, set it here.


The group where this delegation is based.

Changes made to this delegation...

Within the project, if the delegation's name or other properties are changed and this box is checked, VSys will copy those changes back to the global group.

Roles allowed in this delegation

Only roles allowed in the project can be selected. This value can be the same as the list of roles allowed in the project or a limited set of them. Note that making a role not valid here will not remove people who are already registered with that role.


Right-click on the list to add, delete and edit relationships.


The address of the delegation. This can be used in mailings.

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