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Action Link: Interview Lookup

Much like the job lookup tool, this lets volunteers search for and sign up for interviews.

Respect site's interview signup rules

The interview lookup tool action link can optionally enforce the current site's interview signup rules; for compatibility reasons, by default it uses only its own rules.

Search immediately when opened

If checked, the tool will do a search as soon as it's loaded without waiting for the user to click Search. You should not do this if a lot of results will be shown, especially if the search would take more than a few seconds: that will just confuse the user.

Hide [Search] and [Cancel] buttons

Only available if Search immediately when tool is opened is checked; enabling this hides these buttons.

Prevent signup if person is "Scheduled" in interview of the same type

Check this to prevent someone from signing up more than once for two different interviews of the same type. (Interviews in the past don't count, and VSys will only look at other interviews with a Status of Scheduled.)

Show unavailable interviews (those already taken by someone else)

Normally VSys Live hides interviews which another volunteer has taken; check this box to have those unavailable interview shown anyway.

Search fields

What fields should be shown to the volunteer using this tool? Date range, Interview types.

Interview types

If any of these are checked, only interviews of these types will be shown.

Excluded interview types

Interviews of these types will not be shown. Can be used in conjunction with Interview types, but even if an interview type is checked in Interview types, if it's checked here, it will not be shown.

Show signup/more info links on a new page, not as a popup window

When clicking on the Sign up or More info links, VSys Live will normally show the signup/more info in a popup window; check this to have it open that on a new page.

Signup link text

Any text here replaces the default Sign up link text.

Confirmation prompt

A prompt here, if any, will be shown as a checkbox on the Sign up window; the client will have to check that box to finish the signup process.

Post-signup success message

After a successful signup, this message (if any) will be shown.

Default # days into the future, Max # days into the future

Sets the default and maximum values for the End date field, respectively.

Max results to show

Use this to limit how many results can be shown to the volunteer.

Specific locations

If any locations are checked here, only interviews with these locations will be returned.

Excluded locations

Interviews with these locations will not be returned. Can be used alone in conjunction with Specific locations, but even if a location is checked in Specific locations, if it's checked here, it won't be shown.

Show results in calendar format

Checking this shows results using a navigable calendar format. See calendar results for options on how calendars can be rendered in VSys Live.

Merge template for results listing

If you select a merge template here, rather than displaying the results as a table with columns, VSys Live will use that merge template to show the details about the interview. (The merge template must have a Type of "Interviews".)

Merge template for signup

If you select a merge template here, it will be used to display the content in the popup window after clicking on Sign up or More info.

Merge template for calendar

When displayed as a calendar, if you specify a merge template here, it will be used to generate the content in the popup window.

Results columns to show

Select fields to show in the table listing of results.


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