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On the right-click menu

Once a search has been completed and at least one person comes up as a result, you can right-click on an individual person to bring up a list of tools.

Create new

Creates a brand-new person from scratch.



Opens the person's profile

Open read-only

Opens the volunteer profile for this person, but in read-only mode where no changes can be made.

Edit (in new window), Open read-only (in new window)

Opens the person's profile for editing or viewing, but does so in a separate VSys One window. When you close that profile, the new window will close. This is very convenient for comparing two people side-by-side.

Update addresses and phones

Opens the simplified Profile editor (name and addresses only). This is much faster to open than the full profile.

View calendar

Shows a simple calendar with all of this person's trainings, interviews and assignments

Edit schedule/assignments

Edits the person's assignments or adds new ones.

Edit trainings

Add, remove and edit training records.

Edit web/kiosk data

Edits the person's kiosk and/or web login information and statuses.



Enter volunteer hours, Edit volunteer hours (simplified)

Quickly credits this person with hours worked.

Edit account records

Account records can be used for donations, tracked merit hours, and other things. Use this tool to quickly access a person's account records without opening the volunteer's profile.


Delete this person from the system

Not recommended. Permanently and completely deletes this person from VSys. This removes the person from all projects, deletes all assignments, custom fields, applications, certifications, addresses, etc. and cannot be un-done once completed. We recommend archiving the volunteer instead.


Copy name and address to the clipboard

Copies this person's name and address to the clipboard for you to paste into another program.

Copy name, phones and e-mail addresses to the clipboard

Copies a single or all of the person's addresses with name to the clipboard.

Copy e-mail address to the clipboard

Copies only this person's e-mail address to the clipboard.


Check availability

Enter a date and time to see if the person is available or not.

Check eligibility/intake checklist

Temporarily creates the eligibility checklist you select, checks the person against that checklist's rules, displays the result and then deletes the eligibility checklist.

See tracked changes

Shows all changes made to this person when and by whom (only available if tracing is enabled).

Comments and images for this person

Associates any number of pictures and comments with this person.


VSys allows you to attach files to a person, for example his scanned application or a Word file containing a reference from an employer. Use this to add, edit, delete and work with these attachments.

De-duplicate (merge) with another person

If you have the same person in VSys more than once, use this tool to combine the selected person either with somebody else on this list, or to search for a person to combine.

Send this person a letter or message

Performs a quick mail merge to send this person the letter you select.


Send this person a kiosk message

Sends a simple message to the person via the kiosk.

Send this person an SMS/text message

Sends a text message without having to use a letter or a letter template. Requires that SMS/text messaging be enabled.

Send this person an e-mail

Brings up your e-mail application with this person's address. Not available if the person doesn't have a valid e-mail address.

Send this person their schedule

Opens up a simplified version of the assignments calendar report tool and lets you create a PDF calendar for this individual, then send it using your e-mail program.


View through an application form

Uses an application form to show the person's data, but not to edit the person.

Edit with an application form

Edits the person using an application form you choose.

Print a report for this person

Shows a list of the built-in or saved reports based on people. Prints that report just for the current person.

Print a credential for this person

Brings up a list of credential/name tag layouts that you have saved to print one for this person.

Show checkboxes

Shows a checkbox next to each person on the list.

Show columns

Adds or removes visible columns from this list, e.g. you can show each person's e‑mail address and volunteer type as columns on this screen.


All, None, Reverse

Selected people

Send a letter

Shows a list of mail merge templates. Selecting one will merge that template with all checked people.

Print mailing labels

Prints mailing labels of any type for just these selected people.

Send a kiosk message

Sends the same message to all of these people via the kiosk.

Send an SMS/text message

Sends the same SMS/text message to all of these people.

Add a comment

Adds the same comment text to all of these people.

Print a report

Shows a list of the built-in or saved reports. Print that report just for the selected people.

Print credentials

Brings up a list of credential/name tag layouts that you've saved to let you print one for each of the selected people.

Copy e-mail addresses to the clipboard

Copies the e-mail address for each person to the clipboard.

Add people to list

Displays a list of all standard lists. Selecting one will add the checked people to that list if they're not already on it. You can even make standard or temporary lists here and use them to print reports or work with the list of selected people.

Remove people from list

Displays a list of all standard lists. Selecting one will remove the checked people from that list, if present.


Grid contents

Options to print or export the contents of this grid for use in another program.

Add "person name" to list

Adds this person to the list you choose. You can even make standard or temporary lists here and use them to print reports or work with the list of selected people.

Remove "person name" from list

Removes this person from the list you choose. Not visible if the person is not on any lists.

VSys only allows one user at a time to edit an individual person. If two users try to edit the same person, the second will see a warning message and will open the person in read-only mode. (If you are the second person trying to open that record, you may be given the option of sending a message to the person who has the record locked.)

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