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Printing Basic Mailing Labels

Select Basic mailing labels from the Letters/e-mails panel.

Steps in this task

  1. If the Select saved report window opens, choose the saved or built-in settings you want then click Select. Or click on the Load settings link under Tools to bring up a list of options.
    Basic mailing labels merge screen
  2. On the Settings panel, set the label options. These define the type of label that will be used, how the text on the label will be formatted, and which style name will be used.

For labels going to 2+ people...

If checked, and two or more people sharing an address are included here, only one label will be printed for all of the people sharing that address.

Label type

Choose from any one of the built-in label types or ones you've defined yourself.

Left nudge, Top nudge

All text printed on the labels will be moved this distance to the right/down. (Use negative values to move left/up.)

Font, Size

Pick a font and size appropriate for your label.

Starting label #

VSys can skip labels to re-use a partial sheet of labels. Set this to the starting label. The label at the upper-left corner is considered the first label going in columns.

Name to use

Normal name, Normal name with prefix and Alternate name are the options. The last tells VSys to use each person's alternate name, if available. If the alternate name is blank, VSys will use the person's normal name.

  1. Set the filters for the people to be included. People are only included in these labels if they meet all of the criteria you specify.

Exclude contact flags

Excludes people with one or more of the selected contact flags. Use this to eliminate people who don't want to get this mailing or use this mode of communication.

Groups (Delegations within a project)

Only people in these groups/delegations are included.

People types (Entrant roles within a project)

Only people of these types (globally) or roles (in a project) are included.

Volunteer types

Filters by volunteer type.

Scratched people (projects only)

Include or exclude people based on their scratched status in the project.

Team filters

Use this to include only people who are teams, exclude people who are teams, or include both.

Only people on selected lists

Check this to filter recipients to only people on one or more of the lists you check. Remember that you can use Intellilists to define advanced criteria.

Exclude people who are

Filters to exclude people based on their active/inactive status, deceased, banned, etc.

  1. On the left navigation bar, under Address types, set your preferred address type(s), as well to Include/Exclude incomplete addresses and Include/Exclude records without a matching address.
  2. Choose any Sorting for your labels. Click the Add sort link to add a sort. Labels will first be sorted by the topmost field, then the second field, then the third, and so on. The Up arrow image and Down arrow image arrows next to each field indicate that the field will be sorted ascending or descending, respectively.
  3. Set your Output options.
  4. Click Print to run the labels.

If desired, use the Save settings link to save your settings and criteria for future use.

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