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Post Printed Letters

Once VSys has printed your labels, it shows the Mark as printed link in a popup window. Use this tool to post "Letters printed" records for the people who were printed here. You would do that to keep track of who's received what mailings and when, both to filter on it later as well as to see when you've communicated with various people.

Mark as printed popup window

After clicking on the Mark as printed link, these are your options for the "letter printed" records that are added to each person who was printed.

Editing window to define labels marked as printed

Field name



A description of what is being mailed, e.g. "Reminder mailing".

Letter type

The type of letter this represents, e.g. "Save the date".


How this is being sent, usually "Mail".


The mailing's status, usually "Sent".


When the mailing was printed, usually today's date.


When the mailing will go out. You can mark it with today's date or the day you estimate that it will be mailed.

Don't display after, Don't show this under "My volunteering"..., Don't show this on the kiosk

(not relevant)

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