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Address, phone, e-mail

We can search for people by address, postal/zip code, phone, or e-mail by clicking on the Address, phone, e-mail link on the left navigation bar.

A person will be shown if he meets one or more of these criteria.
Person lookup screen showing search by zip code proximity

This search only works if your zips table is up-to-date. If you don't get the results you expected, ask your system administrator to go update the zips table through the Check for zip/postal code updates tool. This will let her download the latest US zip codes or Canadian postal codes database.

How does this work? VSys doesn't know the latitude/longitude coordinates of every address of every person, but it does know these values for most zip codes and postal codes. To determine how far someone is from a point, it uses the center of the person's postal code and compares it to the center of the postal code(s) that you enter. It's less accurate for large rural postal codes that cover a lot of area, and is more accurate for metropolitan areas.

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