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People Search Filters

Filters on Groups and People types require that any returned people have at least one of these groups as their primary or additional groups, and one of these types as their primary or additional types.

Selecting a Gender will limit the results to people with either the given gender or whose gender is "Unknown".

The Exclude filter lets you remove people who are archived, deceased, inactive, placeholder, or by their active status (active, applicant, leave of absence, prospect, rejected, resigned, special, terminated, conditional, web applicant, resigned or retired). Check one or more options on this checklist to filter people based on these attributes. (If you check all of the active status options, VSys will do no filtering on active status since that would exclude everyone!) Un-checking all options searches the whole system. After doing a search, VSys will indicate on the bottom of the left navigation bar if the filters excluded any people from being displayed and give you the option of re-running the search with those filters temporarily disabled.

Team filters lets you show Only teams, Only non-teams or Both teams and non-teams.

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Matching Files to People

Have a folder with fifty JPEG files in it, each with a volunteer's photo? Or a bunch of PDF files that need to get attached to individual people? If the names of those files include information about the volunteer - name, kiosk ID, person number, short ID, phone number, e-mail address, etc. - try dragging the file onto the Family name or Search fields in Person lookup. VSys will try to match the information in the name of the file to the volunteer it references.

For example, if you drag a file named "60423 Smith, James test@gmail.com.jpg" onto the Search field VSys will look for people who:

It will then show any matches. From there you can drag the file directly onto the appropriate person as an attachment or portrait photo.