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By Personal Information

Let’s begin by looking for a known volunteer - Marcus Velásquez.
Person lookup screen showing search results by volunteer's last name

  1. Go to the People panel, and click on Find people by personal data.
  2. Under Family name, type in the family name you are looking for (in this case "velasquez") then click on the Search button or hit the Enter key.
  3. VSys brings up all of the people who have a family name that matches, begins with or sounds like "Velasquez". Since the first record is the one we're looking for, we can simply click on the name and be taken directly into the record and view or modify the person.
  4. If more people appeared in the results we could sort them in a variety of ways in order to narrow down the list of results. Clicking on any of the column headings (for example, Name, DOB, Gender, Person Type, or All Groups) will sort the records by that field.

You don't have to enter the person's complete last name to search. By entering just the first few characters, VSys will find all of the people whose names begin with what you entered. This is especially useful if you're not sure how the name is spelled.

Other criteria

Entering a Date of birth brings up all people who were born on that date, regardless of the name criteria you enter. People who match both the name and date of birth criteria will sort towards the top of the list.

Including a Company finds people who are employees of a company that begins with the values you enter (not a relationship search, this uses the Company field in the Profile editor).

Including a team name brings up teams with that name, and selecting a gender will only show those people who have that gender, or who have none recorded.

Use the Exclude filter to show inactive, archived, deceased or placeholder people. They are excluded by default.

The Short ID is a person's five-character alphanumeric ID which is assigned by VSys. The Short ID is not necessarily unique, but it is close, and makes a great way of finding people quickly. (You can see a person's Short ID on the top right of their Personal data panel in the volunteer profile.)

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