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In the Tools Section

Create a new person

Either the link in the Tools section or the button below will start the creation of a new person using the name information you typed in the Person lookup fields.

Show/Hide checkboxes

Turn the checkboxes in front of the names off or on. Check these boxes to select a person or several people to perform actions on/with them.

Print a report

Use the menus here to print a report for the selected individual(s).

Attach PDF pages

This tool lets you open a multi-page PDF file, for example one that contains scanned documents for multiple people, and attach subsets of those pages to specific people via drag and drop. See Attach PDF pages.

Reset visible columns

Restores the list of people to show a standard set of visible columns.

Clear criteria

Clears any search terms you have entered at the top of the screen.

Load/save criteria

If you have a set of search criteria that you run on a regular basis, click on Save to be able to retrieve this search again later.

As default - Always goes back as your default when you open this tool.
General - Saved for everyone and selectable from the Load link.
Mine - Saved for your use and selectable from the Load link.

Note that if you have security turned on, "mine" will show up anywhere you log in with that VSys One user ID. Otherwise "mine" is determined by the Windows login name and machine name (the best VSys can do to tell users apart).

You can customize what information is displayed in your results. Right-click in the table area and select Show columns. From the menu check or un-check columns you would like to see on your screen. Click on the column headers and drag them left or right to reorder the information.

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