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Volunteer Request Tool

The VSys Live Volunteer Request Tool is a special-purpose module that lets you delegate the creation of volunteer opportunities to staff throughout your organization, and even to outside community partners.

With the Volunteer Request Tool, authorized people can:

  • Submit requests for volunteers for their department, agency, organization, etc.
  • Edit and cancel open requests.
  • View volunteer assignments and slots.
  • Run designated reports about openings and assigned volunteers.

...all from within any standard web browser!

(The Volunteer Request Tool is an optional add-on for VSys Live.)


Volunteer requests can be for one-time or recurring/ episodic volunteers, plus options for interns and flex positions.

  • Limit the people who are allowed to make requests.
  • Set the job properties, required fields, other details.
  • Approve requests before they go live.


VSys One administrators approve, edit, or reject requests.

  • Use VSys Security to limit who can approve openings.
  • Define your own custom workflow.
  • On approval, job openings will be posted to VSys Live for actual volunteers to sign up for.

Easy and Flexible

Because it's running in a web browser, VSys Live Volunteer Request Tool doesn't need to be installed on any workstations: just install it once on your server. Then allow computers inside your network, outside, or both to connect to it. Connect to VSys Live Volunteer Request Tool using:

  • Any Windows or Mac computer
  • iPhone or other smartphone, including Android
  • Modern tablet such as iPad or Android tablet with Chrome browser.

Cities, counties and other municipalities

Let community organizations post opportunities (with your approval, of course) to a city-wide website.

  • Share volunteers across multiple organizations.
  • Give your volunteers a single place to connect with different organizations in their community.
  • Reduce the background check, screening and other management costs for shared volunteers.


Give approved organizations a way to post opportunities for your employees to volunteer and connect with your community.

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