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Parks and Conservation

VSys supports multiple state and local park departments for recruiting, onboarding, scheduling, tracking, and managing volunteers. These include the statewide systems for Florida and Missouri Parks which awarded VSys contracts through a competitive procurement process. Additionally, the VSys team works with conservation groups including state Extension Services, 4-H, and disaster mitigation.

VSys is the gold standard for management

  • Software that meets or exceeds government data security standards.
  • Manage and share volunteers across multiple parks, programs, and departments.
  • Support for Hunter Education instructors, corporate partners, and groups.
  • Unlimited customizable applications and onboarding 'tracks' that allow for day-of-event episodic volunteers as well as group registration.
  • Calendars, news, and suggested volunteer opportunities can be 'pushed' to volunteers.
  • Automatic, built-in criminal background and reference checking.
  • Hours submitted by volunteers can be audited by supervisors.
  • Reimbursement reporting for Pittnam - Robertson Act and FEMA.
  • 200+ built-in reports and a custom report generator.
  • Mobile friendly across all devices so it's easily accessible in the field.
  • Additional tools like VSys Live which allows for volunteer self-management and the Volunteer Request Tool or Schedule Lookup Tool which provide limited access for staff at a reduced cost.

VSys Live lets your volunteers self-manage

  • Volunteers discover, apply and schedule themselves using custom interfaces configured to meet your specifications.
  • Automated SMS + email alerts for onboarding steps, scheduling & recognition.
  • Web and Kiosk-based Hours entry, parking pass printing, etc. (see VSys Kiosk)
  • Volunteers view their own histories and run reports with their own data.
  • Read & sign documents online (or upload files).

Who's using VSys One?

Volunteers browse opportunities and apply, creating their own profiles, then self-administer required training and acknowledgements, and self-enter service hours. This saves significant staff time! Christine Small