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Museums, Zoos, Science Centers, Performing Arts and other Community Organizations

VSys works with major museum systems including one that manages more than 8,000 volunteers per year. Volunteers, interns, group tour sign-up's and event support are all part of the package. VSys has also deployed a combined volunteer, donor and ticket managing system for Kauffman Performing Arts in Kansas City that includes a unique ticket lottery system where volunteers can compete for usher positions at premier events. The more hours a volunteer serves, the more tickets they can compete for.

VSys is the gold standard for management

  • Manage volunteers across multiple departments, locations, exhibits or events.
  • Automatically recognize and reward volunteers based on performance + seniority.
  • Group deployments and integration with ticketing systems (e.g. Tessitura).
  • Coordinated volunteer and donor recognition and awards.
  • Unlimited customizable applications, onboarding 'tracks'and reports.
  • Calendars, news, and suggested volunteer opportunities can be 'pushed' to volunteers.
  • Automatic, built-in criminal background and reference checking.
  • Set aside opportunities for corporate partners and groups.
  • Socialized recruiting and evangelism.

VSys Live lets your volunteers self-manage

  • Volunteers discover, apply and schedule themselves using custom interfaces.
  • Built-in orientation scheduling and trainings (see VSys Online Training Module).
  • Automated SMS + email alerts for onboarding steps, scheduling & recognition.
  • Web and Kiosk-based Hours entry, parking pass printing, etc. (see VSys Kiosk).
  • Volunteers view their own histories and run reports with their own data.
  • Read & sign documents online (or upload files).

Who's using VSys One?

Community organizations of all kinds use VSys One.