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Schedule Lookup Tool

Want to make your schedules - openings, assignments, who's here, who's missing - easily available within your organization?

  • VSys One and VSys Anywhere administrative users can always use the various scheduling tools to see who's here, who's scheduled to be here, openings. etc.
  • Scheduled calendar reports can be used to send calendars to department heads and others.
But... these require that either the person have a VSys One/VSys Anywhere license, or rely on reports that fall out of date.

The Schedule Lookup Tool is a browser-based add-on module for VSys Live that lets unlimited users within your organization view volunteer schedules and job slots. With it you can allow your staff to view department, location or other schedules in real time without printing reports and without any per-user licensing or software installation.

  • Filter and search by department, job, location, status, supervisor and volunteer.
  • Always up-to-date!
  • Control visibility for departments or events.
  • Easily bookmark settings on individual machines for quick access.
  • Control what's displayed and where.
  • Allow for unlimited access within your intranet (internal network) and/or public internet.
  • Works with external partners if needed.

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