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Case Study KSBJ Radio
Challenges KSBJ had three main challenges:
  • Manage onsite and virtual volunteers
  • Support Community Partners
  • Handle Rapid Growth
Who KSBJ Educational Foundation is a Christ-centered, non-profit, listener-supported radio ministry, with prayer at the center of their work.They have almost 4,000 volunteer opportunities which covers the 250 yearly volunteer events. Volunteers are active in the radio stations direct prayer ministries, such as prayer lines and the National Day of Prayer, as well as in the community, such as working with local food banks and community fundraising walks and rides.

When the current volunteer manager came on board in 2010, KSBJ was using individual e-mails to coordinate volunteers for events. Large concerts had hundreds of e-mails going back and forth to many volunteers to fill the necessary opportunities. Not only was their existing volunteer management system not intuitive and required staff with extensive technology skills, they also outgrew it within the first twelve months. A subsequent deployment of a competitor's product also failed after a lot of trial and error. KSBJ was growing and paid staff had doubled; with that their outreach programs and volunteer needs multiplied as well. It was time to look for new software.


VSys One presented an alternative. Bespoke converted KSBJ's existing data, bringing in all volunteer contact, hours, and historical data without requiring manual re-entry of data.

Key features and benefits of VSys for KSBJ:

  • Scheduling for large events as well as recurring assignments
  • Internal mail-merge tools
  • Volunteer self-management
  • Ease of navigation
  • Reporting depth
  • Capacity to grow with the organization
  • Remote check-in and check-out for volunteers
  • And a hosted solution that reduced workload on KSBJ staff.

The ease of use of VSys One helped KSBJ manage their growth. VSys One's internal mail-merge tools eliminated the e-mail deluge previously used to coordinate large events. Volunteers were scheduled easily and informed about their assignments. From office volunteers to mobilizing 1,200 volunteers for their Sharathon event, VSys One was flexible enough for all of KSBJ's needs.

VSys Live, the volunteer facing portal for VSys One, was then added which removed some of the workload off the volunteer department staff. Applicants were able to sign up online. Once approved, volunteers could sign up for opportunities themselves, self-scheduling and managing their volunteer experience when and where it was convenient for them.

VSys One is a major game changer, great software and great support. VSys helped us grow from 1,200 volunteers to over 11,000 registered volunteers. Steven Gonzalez
Volunteer Manager

Because of their rapid growth, KSBJ's needs outpaced the capacity of their in-house IT department. KSBJ became one of Bespoke's first fully hosted clients in 2015. This gave them a solution which could expand beyond their in-house capacity, allowed them to access to their data and software from anywhere, and even let them use VSys Kiosk for on-site volunteer check-in.

Project Complete

KSBJ continues to try out new features to further streamline their volunteer efforts. For example, adding barcodes on volunteer's assignment letters allowed volunteers to scan themselves in and out of big events. For concerts, this will allow them to move large numbers of volunteers quickly and efficiently through the venue.

VSys gives KSBJ the capacity for growth - to accommodate greater numbers of volunteers, get them into volunteering opportunities, and get them out into the community to continue their ministry.