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Case Study Greater Cleveland Volunteers (GCV)
Challenge GCV had three main challenges.
  1. Manage on-site and virtual volunteers
  2. Support Community Partners
  3. Handle rapid growth
Who Greater Cleveland Volunteers ( recruits volunteers age 18+ to serve at more than 100 local nonprofit organizations in Ohio's Cuyahoga County. They connect volunteers to the right opportunity to serve based on their interests, skills and availability. With only about a dozen employees, they manage over 2,000 volunteers for and with their partners.
What Greater Cleveland Volunteers has been using VSys One and VSys Live since 2016 and their solution is hosted in VSys One's secure data center. By having VSys host the software for Greater Cleveland Volunteers, maintenance and upgrades are automatically done, reducing workload on their limited IT resources.

In addition to volunteerism, VSys also helps with donor management and tracking of performance data for GCV partners. Partners and / or the volunteers themselves are able to submit and track hours served and tally these for reports as needed. Partners use a special edition of VSys Anywhere to record hours while volunteers utilize a customized VSys Live website. Building these was a huge time saver for the staff and improved data accuracy for partner agencies.

Key features include:

  • Partner agencies can submit requests for volunteers
  • Volunteer + donor recruiting & management
  • Partners can easily submit hours for referred volunteers
  • Recognition programs work across all partner agencies
  • Customized letters and reports
  • Automatic emails, letters and texts
We love that we can create various letter templates and be able to pick the letter needed and then customize prior to sending and then saving this to the volunteer OR donor profile. VSys has saved us time running multiple reports and having the ability to save them all with the criteria we need for future use. We recently set up the texting option to our volunteers in VSys. Now we have the ability to send text messages to volunteers. VSys has so many other options we are not currently using but plan to in the future. Denise Reyes, Volunteer Coordinator
Project complete The bottom line is that VSys helps GCV accommodate greater numbers of volunteers, get them into volunteering opportunities, and get them out into the community to continue their service.