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Job Slots and Assignments Into Them

The Job slots and assignments into them tool lets you define job slots as well as assign people to those slots. The Jobs/slots calendar tool gives you the same information in a graphical representation.

Job slots and assignments into them screen

For every slot, you can also see the number of people assigned to that slot, along with how many people are still needed.


Add job slot

Brings up the Create job slots tool.

Show add person tool

See Job Slot Assignments for more details.


Reloads all job slots. If any changes have been made VSys will prompt you to save those first.

Expand all slots

Opens all job slots to show the people assigned within them.

Collapse all slots

Closes up all job slots to hide the people assigned within them listing only the job name.

Reload jobs

Refreshes the list of defined jobs.


Job reports

Job listings, job listings with locations and job profiles reports, plus any custom reports you've designed here.

Slot summaries

Summaries of job slots and people filtered by your criteria.

Assignments listings

Table reports of assignments with the fields you select, filtered by your criteria.

On the right-click menu

Right-click on a job slot or an assignment to bring up tools for use on that job slot or assignment.

Add slot(s)

Brings up the Create Job Slots tool.

Add open schedule job

Defines a new open schedule job.

Edit this slot

Edits this existing job slot's properties. Optionally edits the properties of future job slots like this one or extends it into the future.

Change job

Only available for empty slots, lets you change the job associated with the slot.


Lets you copy this specific slot and make changes to it, for example to duplicate a Wednesday slot on Friday. This only creates this one slot.


Opens this slot for viewing only.

Remove slot from schedule

Just this one: Deletes this single job slot.

This and future ones: Deletes this job slot and all others like it in the future.

For a range of dates: Deletes this job slot and others like it for the time period you enter.

For all of these, if there are people assigned to a slot to be deleted, VSys will give you the opportunity to convert those assignments to Non-slot Assignments or to delete the assignments altogether.


(when a volunteer is selected)


Opens the selected person in read-only mode in the Profile editor.


Opens the selected person for editing in the Profile editor.

Send a letter

Shows a list of letter templates. Selecting one of these will merge that letter with this person.

Add to list

Shows the lists the person can be added to. Selecting one immediately adds the person to that list.

Remove from list

Shows the lists that the person is on. Selecting one immediately removes the person from that list.


See tracked changes

See who's made any changes to this slot.


See field-level changes made to this slot.

View job setup

Opens up the definition of this job in read-only mode.

Show/Hide in VSys Live

Changes the visibility of this slot in VSys Live.

Refresh waitlist orders

When slot waitlists are enabled, re-orders waitlisted volunteers so they start from "1" with the earliest signup having "1".

Assign volunteer (by name)

See Job Slot Assignments for more details.

Automatically find someone to assign (registered)

See Job Slot Assignments for more details (only available within a project).

Automatically find someone to assign (global)

See Job Slot Assignments for more details.

If visible, selecting one or more Custom fields will show those values for each slot in columns next to the slot.

Changes you make in this tool take effect immediately. Before you make a change, though, VSys checks the status of the slot and/or assignment: if it's different from what you see on your screen, VSys will either load in the new information and continue on, or it may stop you with a warning. From there you can re-examine the slot before continuing as the changes may affect your decision to take whatever action you were planning.

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