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Extending Recurring Slots

Slots created in the Jobs/slots calendar tool can be "recurring". Since recurring slots work by telling VSys the rules for making the slots those same rules can be used for extending the slots. Slots can be extended individually in the Jobs/slots calendar tool by right-clicking on them and selecting Edit this job slot then Extend it into the future, or you can use this tool to extend them in bulk.

Steps in this task

  1. Open the Extend recurring slots tool.
  2. Set your filters for Jobs, Locations and the last date range for the current slots.
  3. Click Find slots.
  4. Check and un-check slots, or right-click to select All or None of them.
  5. Choose how far to Extend selected slots through.
  6. Click Extend selected slots. This will take each slot checked above and extend it using the rules embedded in each slot.


After using this tool, run the Index update tool - it will help connect newly-extended job slots to existing job assignments.

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