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Job Slot Properties

Opening an individual slot brings up this editor which lets you change its properties.
Job slot properties window showing  the job slot details

Field name


Start date



How many people are needed for this job, at this date, time, and location. Reducing the number needed here will not evict any people already assigned to this job slot.

Start time


End time, Duration

Entering the End time automatically updates the Duration, and vice-versa.

Max self-waitlist

See slot waitlists.


Where the assignment is located.


Person assigned as the supervisor for this slot, this will be given to all assignments associated with this job slot as well. Select (find a person) to include someone not already on the drop-down list.

Manually override status

Checking this lets you tell VSys that it should consider the slot to be Empty, Partially filled, Filled or Overfilled regardless of the number of assigned volunteers.

Required people types, Required groups

If specified, volunteers must meet these criteria.

Job tags

Any job tags that should be used for filtering and searching for this opening.


Notes about this slot.

Restrict delegations

Limits the people who can be assigned to this job slot to those in specific delegations (only within projects).

Do not show for lookup on VSys Live

Do not show this job slot as available for signup by your volunteers on VSys Live. (Only if VSys Live is enabled.)

Show on main calendar...

If checked, and this slot still needs people, it will show on the main calendar in addition to being available for volunteer lookup. Note that on the main calendar it can't be selected for signup, the volunteer must use the regular job signup tools to do that.

High priority opening

High priority opening is used for VSys Live to mark the job slot to be available with that flag for volunteer lookup.

Use job VSys Live settings

Use the VSys Live setting set in the job definition for this slot.

Limit VSys Live dates

Lets you restrict when on VSys Live this slot is visible.

Custom fields

If any custom fields are applicable to job slots, you can assign those values here.

Changing the setup for a job slot changes the assignments of all people in that job slot including the Start date, Start time, Duration and Location.

Adding people type, group, delegation or other restrictions does not remove any people already assigned to this job slot who don't meet those new restrictions.

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