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Create Job Slots

Steps in this task

  1. Click on the Add job slot link, or right-click on the list and select Add slot(s).
  2. Choose when and where the job slots are needed. For every day you choose, except for the days of the week you un-check, VSys will create a job slot for every location selected.
    In the example below, VSys will make 254 job slots: There are 254 days between 01/10/2018 and 12/31/2018 which are not Sunday or Saturday, and we've just one location selected.
    Job slot editor window showing two Coffe Cove job slots
  3. Select how many volunteers you need in each job slot along with the location(s) and supervisor (optional).
  4. If you are using VSys Live for volunteers to sign up for jobs online, the Do not show for lookup on VSys Live allows you to hide this job slot in VSys Live.
  5. Click the Test button to see what slots VSys would make, but without actually creating them.
  6. Click the Create button to create your slots.

Special properties

No automatic extension

If checked, the extend recurring job slots tool will not extend any of these slots.

Allow creation of slots that exactly duplicate existing ones

Normally when you create multiple new job slots at once, VSys won't let you make slots that are the same as any existing slot. Check this to turn off that safety feature when creating these slots.

When creating job slots, why won't the Save button work?

If the locations you expect don't appear, check the job's definition. VSys won't let you choose locations here which aren't valid for the job itself.

High priority opening is used for VSys Live to mark the job slot to be available with that flag for volunteer lookup.

If your choices here would cause VSys to make more than 20 job slots, you'll get a confirmation prompt so you don't accidentally select 365 days and twenty locations (7,300 slots!)

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