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Job Properties

Job Definition screen for Coffee COVE sample job

On the left side

Attached files

Use this to add any files related to the job that you might want to be able to access in VSys.

Walkup check in jobs

Helps you define walkup check in jobs based on this job for VSys Live and the kiosk.


Field name


Job name

Description of the job.

Short description

Optional; a description entered here can be used in reports, mail merges, etc. and normally would have a shorter/abbreviated description of this job. If this field is blank and the "Description (short)" field is used in a report then VSys will display the Job name field instead.

Job group

Every job must be associated with a job group, even if they are all in one called "General".

Job ID

Optional; a value entered here is available in reporting and exports to identify the job. Useful as a shortened version of a long job title.


Use this to mark a job as no longer current. Inactive jobs show at the bottom of combo boxes and checklists.

Original date, Last checked, Next review date, Expires

For your own internal tracking purposes, use these to know when job definitions were updated and when they need re-checking.


Where this job is taking place.

Job tags

Which job tags are associated with this job, only visible if job tags are enabled and defined.

Custom fields applicable to slots, assignments and hours

Select which custom fields defined as valid for slots, assignments and/or hours, that are applicable to slots, etc. for this job.

Job activities

Advanced/unsupported; see job activities. Note that job activities are completely unrelated to activity types.

Activity types

The types of activities associated with this job; only visible if at least one activity type is defined.

Communities served

Usually used to define who's served by this job; only visible if at least one community served is defined.

Job/location attachments

Linking a job to these types of attachments allows them to be included in e-mails referencing assignments for a job.


If this job is connected to a sport (for use in conjunction with our GMS software).


Valid locations for this job. Not required. If left blank, any location is valid for this job.

Job preferences

VSys uses these to automatically match people to jobs. Setting one or more job preferences here helps match the job with people who have the same or similar preferences.

Automatically become a job preference

If checked, VSys will make and link itself to a job preference with the same name as this job, or with the name you provide.


When creating recurring assignments, VSys will skip any days which fall on the holidays checked here.

Preferred skills

VSys will let you assign someone to this job with or without these skills, but will put up a warning if the volunteer doesn't have all of them.

Default duration of each assignment

When creating new job slots, slots for this job will be made with this duration.

Default needed in each slot

When creating new job slots, slots for this job will be made with this many needed people.

All hours posted as bonus hours only

If checked, hours credited to this job are credited solely as bonus hours.

Don't show warnings...

If this is not checked, when assigning people to this job, VSys will show a warning if that person hasn't indicated availability for the time period you're assigning. If the volunteer has specifically indicated that they are not available at that time, however, VSys will still show a warning.

Supports additional address in slots and assignments

Check this to include the text field Additional address in slots and assignments based on this job

Do not use with sports within job associations

If your system is set up to use both sports and job associations, this will allow you to block the selection of a sport with job associations that have this job. (Only visible if sports are enabled in your system.)

Job icon

Optionally attach an icon to the job here. That icon will show on buttons on the kiosk as well as be available in reports based on job definitions.

VSys Live icon



Value of each volunteered hour

When volunteers are given credit for hours for this job, this is the default monetary value for every hour volunteered. Click on Hourly values in the past to define what these values were for dates in the past.

Don't track miles

VSys will not prompt for mileage for this job if this is checked.

Default miles

Any value here will be shown as the default (pre-filled) value for Miles in the hours entry tools as well as at the kiosk self-check out when this job is selected.

Associated accounts for impacts/outcomes

Accounts checked here can be used for entry of things like meals delivered, trips made, items donated, etc., which are associated with this job.

Job value measurements

Selecting one or more job value measurements associates this job with those measurements. Each hour of volunteering for this job can then be analyzed by those measurements.


Required trainings

Requires that the volunteer have all of the trainings checked here. All trainings must be current and have a status of Complete or; if the advanced system preference For required trainings, a training with a status "Pending" is sufficient is enabled, Pending is also acceptable here.

Required interviews

Requires that the volunteer have all of the interviews checked here, and they must all have a status of Good or Acceptable.

Required eligibility checklists

Requires that the volunteer have all of the eligibility checklists checked here.

Required job association

Requires that the volunteer have all of the job associations checked here. All job associations must be current.

Required skills

Requires that the volunteer have all of the skills checked here.

Required, approved applications

Requires that the volunteer have all of these applications with a status of Approved.

Required languages

Requires that the volunteer have all of these languages.

Required people types, Required groups

Requires that the volunteer have in any of these people types.

Required groups

Requires that the volunteer be in any of these groups.

Required lists

Requires that the volunteer have all of these lists.

Incompatible lists

A volunteer on any of these lists is not allowed to do this job.

Incompatible restrictions

A volunteer with any of these restrictions is not allowed to do this job.

Required certifications

Requires that the volunteer have all of the certifications checked here. All of these certifications must be valid.

Required background checks

Requires that the volunteer have all of the background checks checked here. All background checks must be valid, e.g. not expired.

Incompatible background check restrictions

On the background check results form, if the volunteer has any of the restrictions checked here, VSys won't let him be assigned to this job.

Required gender

If a specific gender is selected, only people of that gender may be assigned to this job.

Requires volunteer to be in a specific age range

If checked, only volunteers in the given age range can be assigned to this job.

Restrict delegations

Only within a project. Requires that the volunteer be in any of these delegations.

Duties, contacts, etc.


Included on job reports, this is a description of what the job entails. If you have these in other documents, you can cut and paste from an RTF file.


Included on job reports, this is a description of the qualifications that every volunteer assigned to this job should have.

Contact information

Included on job reports, these are specific instructions on who to contact about this job.

Why created

Available on job reports.

User text 1, 2, 3

Formatted text fields available in job reports. The names of these can be changed in System preferences.

Changing the restrictions for this job will not remove people already assigned to the job who don't meet the new restrictions.

Changing a job's properties in one project (or globally) does not affect any other jobs in other projects. They're all copies, so changing a copy doesn't change the others.


Define any number of supervisors for this job by right-clicking in this list to add and remove them. They will be available for selection as the supervisors for all assignments to this job. Why add supervisors here?


An address included here can be used in reports based on this job.

The remaining properties of a job depend on whether you have VSys Kiosk, VSys Web, VSys Live, or some combination enabled.
Job properties screen detailing VSys Live/Web, Kiosk options

Display description

If entered, this job will be shown on the kiosk with the name you enter here instead of its Job name.

No self-checkin on VSys Live

Setting this prevents volunteers from checking in for this job via VSys Live.

No slot waitlists

Even if slot waitlisting is enabled, if this is checked then this specific job will not support signing up for the waitlist. Any existing slots for this job which may have been set with a Max waitlisted property still will not support waitlist signup, though any existing waitlisted volunteers will retain that status.

Even if a volunteer has history...

If checked, volunteers are not allowed to check themselves in for this job via the kiosk even if they have past hours or assignments.

Supports clients

(Only available when the client management module is licensed and enabled.)

Allow hours self-entry, Maximum self-entered duration

Allows volunteers to give themselves hours (other than checking in and out) via the kiosk and/or via VSys Web or VSys Live, and the maximum number of hours that can be entered at once.

Default self-entered/ immediate checkout duration

If the volunteer can self-enter hours or checkout immediately, a value set here will be the default duration she sees on the kiosk.

Accounts to show for entry

The kiosk or VSys Live can allow volunteers to enter account records when checking out from a job. These can be things like "Meals delivered", "Patients visited", or any other metric. After defining the accounts, select from this list the ones that the volunteer should be prompted about when checking out of this job.

If one or more accounts are selected, you'll see hyperlinks below this field, one for each checked account. Use those hyperlinks to select the minimum and maximum allowed value for each account. When the volunteer is prompted for each of these fields the minimum value set here will be shown to her by default.

When checking out, allow volunteer to add additional time

Select this if you want volunteers to be allowed to enter additional time when checking out of this job.

When checking out, prompt volunteer for travel time

Use this to allow volunteers to enter travel time in addition to their hours for this job. That travel time can be credited at the end or beginning of their assignment, and can optionally be credited to a job other than the one they're signed in for. (Note travel time to another job is not valid on VSys Live.)

When checking out, prompt volunteer for distance driven

If selected, when the volunteer checks out, she will be given a place to enter the miles/kilometers she drove during the assignment. If hours are credited for her travel time, and credited to a job other than this one, the miles/kilometers entered here will be credited to that hours record and not the one for this job.

If volunteer checks in before assignment start, credit only from assignment start time

When this is checked, if a volunteer checks in before her assignment start time, she will only be credited with hours from the start of the assignment, not her actual check in time.

Do not show for lookup on VSys Live.

Jobs can be hidden from lookup on VSys Live. This option might be used if you were constructing jobs for an event, but did not want them displayed until a specific date that you made them "public".

Don't allow self-cancellation within this many days

To prevent volunteers from cancelling at the last minute without you knowing, put a restriction on when self-cancellation can be done (day/hours).

Create open schedule job

If this is checked, VSys will create an open schedule job based on this job when it is saved.

Use a template for comments during online job signup

If a volunteer is prompted for comments when signing up for a job in VSys Live, checking this box will start that comments field out with the text you provide here. Use this to guide the volunteer's comments, for example to request certain specific but unformatted information.

VSys Live options

Job properties screen showing specific VSys Live options

Allow court-ordered

Unless checked, court-ordered volunteers aren't allowed to sign up for this job.

Allow teams

Allows teams of people to sign up (or not).

Invitation code(s)

Entering one or more invitation codes makes these jobs invisible on VSys Live unless the volunteer enters one or more of the codes when searching for jobs. You make these up yourself.

Don't allow volunteers to see who else is signed up

If this box is checked, when searching for jobs in VSys Live, a volunteer will not be able _to see who else is assigned to each job slot regardless of the merge template being used to display that job slot's information.

Override initial self-selected assignment status

Check this box to force all self-selected assignments for this job via VSys Live to have a particular status.

Online comments

Provide a comments template to be used online

When volunteers enter hours for this job online using VSys Live, checking this box will start the online comments field out with your specific text. This can then be used as a template for the volunteer to, for example, fill out required sections.

Note that VSys doesn't validate the contents of any online comments, it just provides a place for volunteers to enter them.

Convert check out and hours entry comments to incoming messages

If this box is checked, any comment entered online during the hours entry comment is made into an incoming message of the type that you specify.

Remove comment from hours record after creating incoming message

If the comment is converted into an incoming message, checking this box also removes the full text of the comment from the hours record.

Release forms

Release forms are usually used for online signup for jobs using VSys Live. Depending on the settings in VSys Live and the settings here, VSys can mark newly-created assignments as "Pending release form".

Release form required

"Required", "Not required" or "Use VSys Live settings". Anything other than "Use VSys Live settings" overrides the rules set via VSys Live.

Minimum age, Maximum age

A volunteer in this age range requires a release form.

Release required if volunteer is a team

Any volunteer with This person is a team of people checked requires a release form.

Release required if volunteer is on any of these lists

A volunteer on any of these lists requires a release form.

Release not needed if any of these certifications are current

If a volunteer has a current (non-expired) certification of any of these types, overrides the requirements above and the volunteer does not require a release form.

Release not needed if volunteer is on any of these lists

If a volunteer is on any of these lists, overrides the requirements above and the volunteer does not require a release form.

Release form needed how many days before assignment start

When the assignment is created, the assignment's Release form due date will be set this many days prior to the assignment's Start date.

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