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Job Group Properties

Editing a job group brings up this editor to define the job group. You'll also see this when creating a new job group.
Job group editor window showing creation of Coffee Shop job group

Field name



Name of the job group.


For nesting one job group within another. Note a job group with children cannot have a parent. Job groups can be nested only one level deep.


If checked, this job group and jobs within it will be shown at the bottom of most editors greyed out with the jobs in italics. This keeps all the information about who worked the job in the past intact. Use this instead of deleting a job group, since deleting it cannot be un-done and results in the permanent loss of information.

Default hourly value...

When crediting someone with hours for a job, if the job has no hourly value associated with it, VSys will look here for the appropriate value.

Hourly values in the past

Use this to set the hourly value for this job group for past dates. When determining the hourly value to use, VSys will check each hours record's start date to find the appropriate value.

VSys Live description

Putting a different description here than in the Description field will show this value in VSys Live instead.

No self- entry of hours via VSys Live

If checked, jobs in this group will not be eligible for self- entry of hours via VSys Live. (Only if VSys Live is enabled.)

Security ownership tags

(Used only under special circumstances.)

Custom fields applicable to job slots

If one or more custom fields have been created that are applicable to job slots, this controls which custom fields VSys will use for slots linked to this job group. Checking None means no custom fields; leaving None un-checked and not selecting any from the list means that all custom fields applicable to slots can be used; leaving None un-checked and selecting one or more from the list means that only those selected fields can be used.

Associated accounts for impacts/outcomes

These fields work just like the ones for jobs, except that they apply to all jobs in this job group.


Adding one or more supervisors hear is the same as adding them to every single job in this job group. Any supervisors added within jobs are considered to be in addition to the ones here.

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