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Job Preferences

Job preferences identify what a volunteer would like to do. They help you strike a good match between what that person wants to do and the jobs that need to be done. Enter the global job preferences for each volunteer and list them with their highest preferences at the top. Giving jobs one or more applicable job preferences will then help you match people to jobs.

From the Setup panel, click on Job preferences. VSys comes with a comprehensive list of built-in job preferences. Click the Add job preference link to add your own job preferences.

On the right-click menu

Right-click on a job preference in this list to edit its properties and for other tools relevant to specific job preferences.

Add job preference

Creates a new job preference.


Opens an existing job preference in read-only mode.


Edits an existing job preference's name.


Deletes a job preference.

Merge with another job preference here

Changes the name of the job preference to another name on the list. This also changes it for any person with this job preference.

Load all built-in values

If you've deleted any of the built-in values and want them back, use this option to reload them. It will reload all of those values.

Paste values from the clipboard

Create your list of types in a text editor and copy them to the clipboard. Use this link to copy the list in VSys.

Deleting a job preference removes that job preference from all people who currently have it. VSys will not stop you from deleting a job preference even if it is in use.

Job preferences are stored by internal codes, not by name. Renaming a job preference renames it for all people who have that job preference

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