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Job Connection Rules

Let's say you have a training course that has a certain job as a prerequisite. Sure, but how should the student be linked to that job?

Specifying the connection within that course would be a pain to do every time, and there are other places that you'd like to do this as well, such as Intellilists, advanced searches and VSys Live visibility rules.

To standardize this, use a job connection rule. These rules don't specify a job, they describe what the connection should be. Then in the training course you'd set the Job connection rule to, for example, "Active job association or upcoming assignment", then the Job to "Meal Delivery". When someone looks to sign up for the course, VSys would then apply that rule, looking to see if the student is connected to that job. And you can have all kinds of different job connection rules for different uses.

Minimum count required

Of the detail rules created below, how many must be met for the job connection to be considered to be met? In this example it's 1, meaning that either or both of the two can be met; setting it to 0 means that all of them must be met.

Any job in the same job group qualifies as a match

When comparing the job set in the training course, etc. against the hours, assignments and job associations, if this is checked then the job groups are compared: having, for example, a job association that's in the same job group as "Meal delivery" will suffice. Otherwise, the job association must be "Meal delivery" exactly.

Individual rule


For your use.


"Assignments", "Hours" or "Job associations".

Recurring assignments

Does the assignment need to be part of a recurring assignment? Not part of a recurring assignment? ("Assignments" only)


You'd usually select just "Active" here. ("Job associations" only)

Maximum days in the past, Maximum days in the future

Looks only at hours and assignments this far into the past and future. ("Assignments" and "Hours" only)

Minimum total duration

If greater than zero, the sum of the durations of the hours or assignments that match these jobs must be at least this much. ("Assignments" and "Hours" only)

Minimum count

If not zero, there must be at least this many matching hours or assignments. ("Assignments" and "Hours" only)

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