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Job Associations

Job associations are not assignments, rather they indicate that a person is "connected" to a job. This lets you mark a person as someone who does a specific job, and give them the status of "Active", "Inactive", "Substitute", etc. Think of your volunteers who do not work a fixed schedule or who are "on-call". VSys One can automatically create or update job associations when a person is credited with hours.

The first step in using Job associations is to enable the feature in VSys One. From the VSys One home screen, on the Setup panel, go into System preferences and feature enabling. Within the Feature enabling section, check Job associations.

Next, open the Job associations tool from the Setup panel under Jobs.
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Field name


Use date ranges

If checked, job associations will have start and end dates.

When crediting hours within the last

Affects the options below, which only take effect if the hours being entered are within this time window from the current date.

If an existing job association exists...

If the person has a job association for this job, and it's currently marked as "Inactive", VSys will update it to "Active".

If no existing job association exists, create one

If the person has no job association for this job, VSys will create one and mark it as "Active".

Update end date to the hours date

Sets the end date of an existing job association to the date of the hours record plus the number of days you specify.

Only automatically create/update these jobs

The above rules only apply to these jobs.

But not these jobs

If any jobs are on this list, excludes them from the above actions even if the job is checked under Only automatically create...

Use supervisors

Checking this allows the entry of a supervisor for each job association. These supervisors can then be sorted, filtered and reported on.

Use locations

Checking this allows the specification of a location for each job association. These locations can then be sorted, filtered and reported on.

Use groups

When checked, individual job associations can be associated with a group as well as other attributes. Groups, and their properties, can make themselves valid or invalid for use within job associations.

Use sports

If checked, individual job associations can be associated with one or more sports. Only available if sports are enabled in your VSys One setup.

Disable these job association statuses

Checking any statuses here makes those statuses unavailable for job associations. Use this when some of the built-in statuses are inapplicable to your organization. Note that certain statuses such as "Active" cannot be disabled: VSys needs those.

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