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Using Job/Location Attachments

Using job/location attachments requires two steps:

  1. Associating those attachments with jobs and/or locations
  2. Including attachments in your letter templates.

Associating attachments with jobs and locations

Once one or more job/location attachments have been created, within the setup of a job or location, you'll see the field Job/location attachments.

For each job and location, select the attachments that should be associated with that job or location.

Including attachments in e-mails

Within a letter template, or a letter template's sub-letter, click on Insert data field. For example, in a letter or sub-letter based on assignments,

When VSys generates a letter based on this template, the attachment fields don't actually print in the letter. Instead the appropriate attachments are sent out with the e-mail.

Duplicate attachments

If the same attachment is associated with more than one job, or more than one location, or even if an attachment is linked to both a job and a location, each attachment will only ever be included once in a given e-mail. That means that you can associate the attachment "General volunteering rules" with all of your jobs and all of your locations, and an e-mail to a volunteer will only include that attachment once.

Excluding attachments

In a letter template's properties you'll find the field Excluded attachment types. Checking one or more attachment types here will prevent VSys from including any attachments of those types even if they would otherwise have been included with an e-mail generated using this template.

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