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Dynamic Banners

Dynamic banners in VSys Live take multiple pieces of content from any number of places:

They then display those items, one at a time, switching from item to item on a timer.

Why would you use these?

Anything where you've got many items to display and don't want to display them all at once.

Steps in this task

  1. Within your site under Advanced Settings select Dynamic banners.
  2. Create a dynamic banner by clicking on Add dynamic banner.
  3. Set the block's width and height. These are the dimensions of the block as placed on the page.
  4. Set the content's width and height. These should be 0 x 0 or smaller than the dimensions of the block.
  5. Choose how large images/content should be scaled or stretched.
  6. Select how often the content should change from one item to another.
  7. Add items to the banner by right-clicking under Contents.


A single defined VSys Live image.


A single custom HTML block.

News feed

Select a single news feed. The banner will display all items in the news feed one by one.

Image galleries

Select an individual image gallery item, including adjustment.

  1. Save this banner.
  2. Place the dynamic banner on a VSys Live page.

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