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The VSys Live translations tool gives you a mechanism for changing the texts which are embedded in the VSys Live web tool. VSys gets the source texts for this tool from the site's metadata, so it's important that the metadata be loaded before you use this.

How do you change the text of items without switching to another language in VSys Live? Easy: "translate" the English version. Even when speaking in English, its native language, VSys still looks for translations from the built-in text to the current language.

This is a scary looking tool, but it can be broken down into a few basic elements:




This is the block within VSys Live that the text is found in.


(ignore this column)

# trans

The number of translations present for this text.


An item marked as "Do not translate" will have a "1" in this column.


The original text as present in VSys Live.

(various languages)

Your translations for this text, with one column for each selected language.

On the right-click menu


This is the block within VSys Live that the text is found in.

Set status

Changes the status of the current item. Use this to keep track of which items have been translated and your confidence level in those translations.

Translate from library

Finds any other text with the same source as the selected one and uses its translation for this item.

Apply to other, identical values

Looks for other texts on this screen that have the same source value, e.g. "Cancel", and gives them all the same translation that you've entered for this item.

Search and replace

Brings up a tool that lets you apply bulk changes to many items at once.

Set "Do not translate"

An item marked as "Do not translate" will not be translated within VSys Live.


All, None and Reverse - use this to perform the same action on more than one text at a time.

The same text, for example "Cancel", may be found in more than one block. Changing that text in one block does not mean that it can't be translated to something else in another block.

After saving your translations, you'll need to completely restart VSys Live for them to take effect.

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