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Downloadable Files (VSys Anywhere)

This tool creates and manages downloadable files for VSys Live sites.

  1. Select a Site (downloadable files are site-specific), and optionally choose to include or exclude inactive files, then click Search to load the list of existing files.
  2. Click Create new to make a new one from scratch, or on Edit to edit or inactivate an existing attachment.


This is the name displayed on VSys Live for this file.


This is the name the file will be given when downloaded. It should be something more friendly than "Regs, 2019 Final copy 14 (approved).pdf"; instead use something like "2019 Volunteer regs.pdf" since that's what the receiver will see.

Minimum date, Maximum date

Files outside of this date range will not be shown. An empty Minimum date means the file is available until Maximum date is reached; an empty Maximum date means that the file will never expire.


Used for ordering downloadable files in lists online.

Required lists

Only people on one or more of these lists can see this file. Note that setting list requirements precludes anyone not logged in from seeing the file.

Required visibility rules

If any visibility rules are set, at least one of them must match the current circumstances for this file to be visible.

Downloadable file types

Set these to be able to filter the file by type. Downloadable file types themselves can have visibility rules and requirements useful for limiting who can see files of those types.


Download the existing file's content.

Choose file

Click to upload the attachment from your local hard drive.

Once an downloadable file is set up here, VSys no longer uses the file on your disk. Instead it works from the copy that it saved to its database. If you've made a change to your original file and want VSys to use the updated one, after opening the file click the Choose file button to update it.

VSys will not let you include any attachments which appear to be Windows executable files, even if they don't have an .exe or .dll extension on them.

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