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Custom Column Reports (VSys Anywhere)

Custom Column Reports in VSys Anywhere let you select a single type of data, for example "People", and then quickly make a report with the fields from those items.

Data source

This is the type of data you're exporting, for example "People" or "Assignments". See Types of reports for more details.

E-mail results...

If checked, when the report is run, it will be e-mailed to the person who ran it.


Displayed at the top of the report.

Font name, Font size

Sets the size of the text for all printed records.

Landscape printing

Check this to have the report printed landscape (wide) instead of portrait (tall).

Use multiple lines if needed

Normally if any columns don't fit on the page, VSys won't print them, or they'll be truncated. Check this to have VSys allow records to span multiple lines.


Add zero or more advanced filters using Add filter; click Edit next to a filter to edit, disable or delete it. See VSys Anywhere advanced filters.


Add at least one export field by clicking on Add field.


The underlying data field in VSys.


If not blank, when the report is printed VSys will put this at the top of the column instead of the field name.

Font size

Use this to override the font size used in the rest of the report; leave blank or 0 to use the report's Font size.


In inches; if not blank or 0, VSys will force the column to be exactly this wide.


Left, Right or Center.


A hidden field doesn't print, but it's also not deleted.


Deleting a field prevents it from printing, and the field won't be loaded the next time the report is run.

Re-ordering fields

You can re-arrange the fields in a custom column report by "grabbing" a field with your mouse and "dropping" it in a new location.

Records are only included in this export if they meet all of the criteria you specify.

If you want to send data to another system, use the Advanced Exporter instead. It works very much like this tool does except that it's designed to put that data into Excel, dBase or other files instead of displaying it.

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