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Confirm/Reject Letters (VSys Anywhere)

After VSys runs a mail merge to generate letters or e-mails, it doesn't immediately send them out: it requires that you check those letters first. Click on Confirm/reject:

View results

Click this to open a PDF document that shows all of the generated letters together.

Processing results

This is a listing of who is receiving the letter, and indicates attachments (if any) that would be delivered with each.


Send letters or Delete letters. You can then select All ... letters, or select individual letters to be affected. For "Send letters" only, there's one more confirmation prompt: Send letters. Click this and then Send letters and VSys will deliver the pending e-mails in the background.

These letters are not attached to the recipients' profiles until you click Send letters. If you do nothing, eventually these pending letters will be automatically purged since they're not linked to anyone's profiles.

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