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Mail Merge/Send e-mails & Letters (VSys Anywhere)

Sending e-mails and letters using VSys Anywhere is a matter of combining:

  1. First pick a Letter template; remember that VSys Anywhere only supports HTML-based letter templates.
    The template that you choose drives many of the fields that come up; for example a template based on job assignments will show filters applicable directly to those assignments.
  2. Optionally select an HTML header and/or HTML footer. These get inserted at the top or bottom of the generated letters, respectively.
  3. Optionally select Additional e-mail attachments. Any that you add here are sent in addition to those defined in the letter template itself.
  4. Choose how addresses are handled:
    Address type for e-mails: When looking for an appropriate address type for the recipient, if you select a type here, VSys will try that type first. Note that if you don't explicitly select "Emergency Contact", VSys will never use that address type.
    CC: e-mails from this address type: If any of these are checked, VSys will cc: any e-mails generated here to e-mail addresses on addresses of those types for this person.
    Only people with a valid e-mail address: If checked, VSys won't generate a letter for anyone who doesn't have an e-mail address.
    Include incomplete addresses: When sending a printed letter, you would generally not check this since it allows the letter to be sent to someone whose mailing address is incomplete. When sending an e-mail, we don't care if we can't send a letter by mail.
    Include records without a matching address: If this isn't checked, and VSys can't find a valid address to use, VSys won't generate a letter at all.
  5. Set other filters as appropriate, including any advanced filters.
  6. Click Run to generate the letters.

To see the results of the letters, see My reports where you can then confirm or reject letters before they're sent out.

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