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Letter Manager (VSys Anywhere)

Like its equivalent in VSys One, the VSys Anywhere Letter Manager works with letters, e-mails, text messages, etc. for multiple people at once.

Use the filters at the top to find the records to work with, then click Refresh to locate them.

If the tool is set for inline editing, edit records by clicking directly in the grid, where you edit values directly in the table. Use the Tab key to move between fields; this is much faster than opening up each record individually and saving it. (The View link opens up the letter, but cannot edit it since the record can't be in two places in VSys at once.) You must click the Save button at the bottom for all of the individual changes to letters to be saved!

If not using inline editing, click on the Edit link to open and edit letters individually. Click Save within each changed letter to save it; there is no Save button for the tool overall since the changes are saved individually.

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