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Mail Merge Tool Profile

Letter template

Selecting a single letter template here fixates VSys Anywhere not on that template but on letter templates with the same Data source. Leave this blank in most cases.


If any of these are checked, people with these properties will not be included in any results.

Maximum allowed results

Limits how many letters can be generated before the merge is aborted.

Allow changing maximum result count

Checking this allows users to override the maximum letters that can be created; enable this to have a standard maximum value but let users specifically indicate that they intentionally expect more than that.

Allow adding additional filters

Allows the use of advanced filters.

Allow editing of all template user fields


Allow editing of all sub-letter properties

If checked then detail filters associated with any sub-letters can be edited by the user.

Letter types

Checking one or more of these limits the Letter template field to only templates with these types.

Fields to expose in VSys Anywhere

Only if a Letter template is set, lets you limit which fields the user is allowed to see and change.

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