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Hours Approval (VSys Anywhere)

The Hours Approval tool is used to approve (and possibly edit) or reject volunteer self-entered hours. Note that hours created as a result of checking in and out of assignments or trainings never require approval, this is only for hours entered by the volunteer after the fact.

  1. Enter in a date range, Jobs, Locations, etc. and then click Search.
  2. For each record, set Credit to "Credit", "Ignore" or "Reject".
    Credit: approves this hours record, optionally with corrections made here.
    Ignore: leaves the record unchanged, ignoring any corrections made here.
    Reject: rejects the record, ignoring any other corrections made here.
  3. After making any changes, click Save.

This tool's behavior can be set using its tool profile to limit the Jobs, Locations and Groups; Hide or show the Distance field; Allow editing of start dates or jobs; default to approval even if there are conflicts; Default the Supervisor to the current user; Show or hide the Send a letter link.

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