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Attachments Approval Manager Tool Profile

Attachment types, Existing statuses

If any of these are checked, only attachments matching these values will be shown.

Max days in past

Limits how far in the past the attachment was submitted.

Show "Send a letter"


Enable filtering on recent applications, Requested department, Requested site, Handler

Check Enable filtering on recent applications to enable filtering on properties of those applications. Remember that a person can have multiple (or no) applications of the same type and that those applications can have conflicting properties, e.g. requesting "Department 1" in the first and "Area 51" in a later one. In that case if you'll see that person's attachments here if you require either or both of those sites.

For this same reason VSys Anywhere can't show the various Requested... fields as columns here: there could easily be more than one value and it wouldn't know which one is appropriate.

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