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Applications Approval Manager (VSys Anywhere)

Depending on how you configure the application form, applications entered via VSys Live may come through as Approved or Pending approval. Use the Applications Approval Manager to work with these applications and the people who submitted them.

Filter by Name, Applications, Status, etc. then click Refresh to retrieve all relevant applications. Note only applications which are designated for use with VSys Live are available here, and then only subject to your security rights.

(person's name)

Opens that person's profile

Send e-mail

Brings up your default e-mail application with this person as the recipient.

Send a letter

Choose from a letter template to send this person a letter/e-mail using VSys.

Run a report

Run a saved report based on this person.


Opens up the application's details (see below) for viewing and approval/rejection.

Application details

Click View to open a copy of the completed application in a new window. Change any properties of the application: Status, Approval status, etc. then click Save.

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Applications Approval Manager Tool Profile

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